Chanel Preston - Come Here, My Fingers

Description: Chanel Preston fans, I bet I can make your mind dirty just by cleaning! Take a look at this little hint of a maid's outfit - it's really lingerie, but you'll have fun staring until you figure it out... and even more fun staring, when I take it off! See if you can figure out what I'm thinking, in this set of 65 solo photos... let's just say my pussy decided to let my fingers come get whatever they wanted!

Pictures: 65     Starring: Chanel Preston


Chanel Preston - Simulated Stimulation

Description: Chanel Preston knows what you guys like! I mean that in general, of course, but some of you just love to cover me in white stuff, don't you? I love it too... I love to feel it spilling down from above, all over my big tits, and my legs. And when there's enough, I really get off feeling it drip and puddle on my pussy and ass! I don't have the real thing handy, but mmmm...

Pictures: 20     Starring: Chanel Preston


Chanel Preston and Kortney Kane - Show You What

Description: Chanel Preston and Kortney Kane are here to let you see what we've been up to! Oh, you don't think we only play for work, do you? We're horny whether we're shooting for you, or living our lives at home... and Kortney is my kind of pornstar. Big breasts and so sensual! Whoops, I'm getting wet again just from telling you about these amazing 82 photos you're about to see!

Pictures: 82     Starring: Kortney Kane, Chanel Preston


Chanel Preston and Destiny Dixon - Felt Good

Description: Chanel Preston here with Destiny Dixon visiting, and you get to watch! We're just going to shoot some pool, I really want to practice my banking... yeah, no. Nobody knows how to make sex happen without it looking planned, like a pair of pornstars... just invite someone for fun, look sexy, and bend over in front of them a lot... and anything might happen! Destiny and I couldn't keep our hands off, or our clothes on...

Pictures: 65     Starring: Destiny Dixon, Chanel Preston


Chanel Preston Outside Playing

Description: Chanel Preston fans and anyone who's up for a good time... cum outside with me! I don't know if you have a spot you can do that... but, in these 83 photos, you can see me cum outside in my spot! My pussy's so wet, I just want to shove my toy in there, and wiggle around, and feel it move! So what do you say, are you ready to go outside and play?

Pictures: 83     Starring: Chanel Preston



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