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Chanel Preston Gets Fucked in the Ass

Description: Chanel Preston fans, I'm not sure you all understand just how much I love anal sex. Sometimes, my ass is the horniest part of my body... and when a guy starts acting like he wants to play with me, my little brown eye sta...

Length: 00:37:22

Starring: Chanel Preston

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Chanel Preston Fucks and Gets a Creampie

Description: Chanel Preston fans... want to see me cum almost as hard as I can, and then squeeze out a hot creampie, right onto the camera lens? Then get ready for one of my hottest scenes for the spring season, right here! We start ...

Length: 00:36:45

Starring: Chanel Preston

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Chanel Preston's Stage Blowjob Fantasy

Description: Chanel Preston here! I've been fantasizing so much lately... sometimes even a pornstar has an itch she can't scratch with just anyone! I always thought it would be so hot to be seduced while on stage as a stripper... hit...

Length: 00:14:35

Starring: Chanel Preston, Nick Manning

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Chanel Preston Fucked by the Pool

Description: Chanel Preston here, ready to go before the camera is ready to shoot, and nobody is man enough to stop me! That's right, this 20 minute gonzo video starts with me sucking cock and licking balls… I always to get extra f...

Length: 00:20:32

Starring: Chanel Preston

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Chanel Preston and Jayden Jaymes Threesome

Description: Chanel Preston and Jayden Jaymes here, with a 21 minute video you need to see. Imagine two gorgeous brunettes with big breasts, stroking each other, kissing and squirming while they wait for you to walk in. Imagine you s...

Length: 00:21:18

Starring: Chanel Preston, Jayden Jaymes, Alex Gonz



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