Chanel Preston On Her Knees for a Throat Full

Description: Chanel Preston fans, I'm getting down on my knees and I'm begging you... watch me give this man a blowjob! First I'll get you hard by showing off my body in this no nonsense lingerie... but I'm kind of in a hurry to suck this dick! It feels so good getting on my hands and knees to look up at him, and work him for that hot dose of cum across my tongue...

Pictures: 65     Starring: Chanel Preston


Chanel Preston Can't Keep Her Hands Off

Description: Chanel Preston fans, I've been getting fucked so much I'm finally ready for a nice little bit of modeling. That means you get 63 photos of me taking off sexy lingerie while I think about how much my pussy is still throbbing and how much fun I had! There's might be some chance my hands will wander while I do this... nice and slow they go over my raw pussy!

Pictures: 63     Starring: Chanel Preston


Chanel Preston is Quite Obedient in this 2 on 1

Description: Chanel Preston is here to satisfy every fantasy I can... even some of the darker ones! Imagine you can have me any time you want me, any way you want me... all you have to do is open the door and make it happen! In fact, you can even make sure I'm willing before you open the door, if that's what gets you off... or whatever works for both you, and your friend! I like to do what I'm told... and this 2 on 1 should prove that!

Pictures: 43     Starring: Chanel Preston


Chanel Preston - It's Threesome Time!

Description: Chanel Preston fans, you'll get the video of this session very soon, but for today you get 72 photos of one of my latest escapades! When I've got a play date with a nice big cock that takes a while to drain, the first thing that pops into my head is: two brunettes are better than one! It's time for a threesome... this bukkake pornstar is ready to feel some cum on my face!

Pictures: 72     Starring: Chanel Preston


Chanel Preston Gets Every Dick She Wants

Description: Chanel Preston fans, I'm back again in a fantastic hardcore photo set! It takes different moves to seduce different men, but I always get who I want. He didn't think twice about sitting in my bed when I told him I was upset... and soon my hand just happened to be right next to his crotch, and his hands were on my shoulders. I don't have to tell you what happened next... I'm a pornstar, I'm going to show you!

Pictures: 57     Starring: Chanel Preston



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